Welcome to House Of Style International

House Of Style International was started by our fore fathers in textile professionals from a family that brings together over 60 years of expertise in textile household products.

We offer products direct from our factory in the UK with advanced technologies of in house designers and manufactured in Pakistan using our finest heritage and unmatched workmanship through our exclusive Pieridae product range.

Quality and Service

We pride ourselves on our quality. This is our number one priority as we know this is what our customers will make our customer come back to us over and over again. We have 100’s of check throughout the production of our products. From batch checking to random quality checks of our products is what we pride our products on.

We employ over 2000 staff internationally and have offices in over 15 countries. We are committed to giving our clients the best customer service the same as we would expect from our suppliers. Our approach is simple, if you like our products you will like our customer service. We are open from 9am -5pm Monday to Friday and our switchboard will be happy to guide in the right direction what ever your query.

Please speak with our service team for more information.


We have dedicated In House designer working on our new and exciting product lines on a daily basis. Using the state of art digital technology to create new and vibrant bedding sets. Looking at the latest trends in our textile industry and creating the new designs for our clients from retail to commercial clients we can cater for all sizes in business and retail.

Our Development in the textile industry has a wealth of experience with over 60 year our professionals know how important our product development is. Our team development professional are always will to think, create and manufacture and bedding, bedsheet or pillow case cover. From just a strand of thread to a full bedding set we have all the tools and equipment to manufacture and produce on a large scale from 100,000 bedding sets to 50,000 curtains per order.

Please speak with our design or development team for more information.

Happy Clients

“Have a duvet moment and stay in bed”

– House Of Style International

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